Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fabric arrival

The UPS person drop off my package from . I don't buy that many fabrics on line. There are plenty of fabric/quilting stores in the area that I like to visit and I also like to "feel"the material. This particular fabric is for my next project titled, Tres Margaritas (I'm talking about flowers, not drinks).

Some weeks ago I made a quilt for a client and she brought me a backing material which was an extra wide flannel that when you wash it it goes from soft black to steel gray and gets very, very soft, she washed it 2 times. Since you can't beat the price I ordered 6 yards, not that I need that much for Tres Margaritas, the fabric is 110" wide so I will have plenty of leftover for all my other small projects. Besides one can't never have too much fabric!!!.

No, I didn't forget to turn the photo. I wanted it like this.

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