Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilters of Mexico

I arrived in my hometown after being in Mexico city for the Patchwork and Quilt Expo 2014. It was really great to meet old friends and make new ones. The quilt exhibit had beautiful quilts, the theme being "Flowers of México" I'm sure it was a challenge for the juror, Pam Holland, to pick the winners.  I did not participate in the contest part but I did have a quilt in the general exhibit. It won viewer's choice! The prize: an iron, ruler and cutting mat, certainly  a quilters necessity.

Here is Eduardo Ramirez Cato, one of the Expo organizers giving me the prize!

I also taught a couple of classes. I love my Mexican students, they are so enthusiastic!  I am looking forward to next year's exhibit. See you in 2015 México city.

Martha Tsihlas, Carolina Flores, Eduardo Ramirez, Pam Holland at Parque España

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cathedral Windows- UPDATE


I will be teaching a second class at the Expo. Just scroll down to see the class sample!

I'm very excited because my trip to Mexico City is just around the corner. In March I will be teaching a class at the  6th.  Expo Patchwork & Quilt Mexico 2014.

 I chose this class because I really like the technique to make Cathedral Windows, it kind of reminds me of Origami. The other thing is that you can make it as small or as big as you want, not a lot of fabric is needed and scraps can be used for the "windows". It can
look traditional or modern depending on the fabrics chosen. Also, it can be done by hand or by machine. I prefer to do the first phase by machine and the second phase by hand.

This is a great take along project. The other day I went to a meeting and  I had already heard the speaker at another meeting. I worked on piecing some of it while he gave his presentation on how to dye with natural dyes.

For the square below, I used hand dyed cotton for the background and an Alexander Henry Mexican themed for the windows. The sampler for the class is 12" square but I'm working on 3 other squares to complete a 24" square when I'm done. One  12" square would make a beautiful pillow, 4  12" squares
would make a wall hanger and if you keep adding you just might end up with a full size quilt!!

Finished Cathedral Windows (12" sq)

I will continue adding but for my class I'm using the 12" square

TAL-   Triangles, Applique and Linen.  12" sq. for class

For the TAL class I will be teaching how to make HST (half square triangles) using paper foundation. There is infinite ways of arranging the units to create a pattern. This is just one of many. We will also explore the use of linen for piecing and applique, which I loooove!  

A little Picasa and voila:
Believe me, I tried to rotate the squares to make it look more random but I just could not make them align so I just gave up.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Peace on Earth"

Wishing you a Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014! 

"Peace on Earth" made by Martha Tsihlas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last Sunday I was on my way to a Christmas Party when I found out that I had won the raffle quilt made by the Buda Bee for the benefit of the Onion Creek Senior Center in Buda, Tx. I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling every time I thought about it. I called Monday morning to claim my prize and the ladies that pieced this beautiful quilt invited me to their Christmas potluck today in Buda. The quilt was quilted by Carolyn Hessy and she did a beautiful job quilting it!! I purchased the lucky ticket at the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild from when the quilt was making the rounds visiting guilds. I can't wait to hang it in my home on the wall over the fireplace.
Thank you Linda Stavlo and the rest of the Bee for such a beautiful quilt and a great luncheon. I will take care of your creation!!   Love it, love it, love it! 

CELESTIAL MORNING-  The quilt won a 2nd. Place ribbon in the group category  at the San Antonio Quilt Show "A Rainbow of Quilts" 2013
Pattern, Cascade by Stitchin' Post.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fiber, Metal and Paint- EAST 2013

What a couple of weekends! The firs weekend of EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) the temperatures roared to the 90's, We were melting.!!  The second weekend just the opposite, temperatures dropped 50 degrees, which compounded with the rain and wind didn't make for pleasant weather. The last time I remember being this cold  was when I lived in Michigan. C'mon people, this is Austin!! we don't freeze here so I had to dig in a closet to find my winter gear, leftover from my years up North. Despite the crazy cold, throbs of people came by the  ARTPOST to visit with the artists, which I'm super grateful for it. It made the days more bearable.  Thank you friends and family for stopping by!! See you next year at EAST.   XO

My wall at EAST. "URBAN DREAMS" on the upper left hand side found a new home!

Close up of "MYKONOS" by Martha Tsihlas. Still available.

"MACHU PICCHU"  17" x 61.5"on the left. It found a new home the first weekend.  "CROSSCUT" 56" x 56" on the right.
is still available. 

Close up of "MACHU PICCHU"

"CAIRO",  found a new home the second weekend of EAST.

"FRANCES AND I" found also a new home.

Metal Tree by Foster Talgae. It found a new home the second weekend of EAST Studio Tours. I wanted to take it home myself. He makes hard materials like metal and steel, etc. look so organic. For more information contact Foster at:

This painting, which I LOVE, now hangs on a wall in my house.  Paul Meyer does textural and sculptural paintings. To see more of his work go to:

Self-portrait by George Silas (Acrylic on canvas)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Latest News- "Chaos Within" will also roll North of Austin

UPDATE: Due to personal reasons Paloma and I had to withdraw our entry from this exhibit. Feeling sad!

I came home from International Quilt Festival to find an envelope with the following information:

"Congratulations! Your work titled, Chaos Within, has been selected by our juror, Judy Gordon, to be included in the 2014 Materials: Hard and Soft exhibition".

This exhibit will take place February, 2014. Organized by the Greater Denton Arts Council , Denton, Tx.
Needless to say Paloma and I are delighted!!

Photo of Chaos Within in the post below.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Chaos Within" rolling down south!

I'm so thrilled that "Chaos Within" has been juried in to be shown at the Fiber Artist of San Antonio 2013 Exhibit.

 "Chaos Within" was a collaboration of Paloma Tsihlas and Martha Tsihlas (moi!). The opening reception is on Sat. Oct. 12 at 6 pm. We hope you can visit! For more information please visit this link:  FASA

Gallery Nord

2009 NW Military Hwy.
San Antonio, Texas
October 12-30, 2013

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dougherty Arts Center, AFA "FIBER ON THE EDGE" Exhibit 2013

Austin Fiber Artists 2013 "Fiber on the Edge" exhibit at the Dougherty Arts Center. Julia C.  Butridge Gallery

"Chaos Within" by Martha Tsihlas and Paloma Tsihlas

Inside of "Chaos Within" before completion
"Ethiopian Madonna" by Anne Beaversdorf

"New York City Easter Parade" by  Victoria Simmons

"Never Enough" by Dee Merrell

"Planned Parenthood" by Marge Carson

"Wall of Roses" by Doerte Weber

"Idolatry" by James Edward Talbot

"The Giving Tree" by Barb Forrister

"Sparkles" by Janis Hooker

"Reflection on the Sea of Tranquility" by Jayne Gorup

Sunday, May 5, 2013

TEXAS sampler

It has been a crazy couple of months, busy with family, quilts, short trips and just life in general. For the last few weeks I have been quilting this beautiful Texas sampler. It is perfectly pieced and the embroidered elements are exquisite!
The quilting is going slower than I thought but it is one of those quilts that can't be rushed. I will post more photos once it is quilted.

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oscar Silva

Just a few minutes ago, while dusting my home, I came upon a small piece of art made
by artist Oscar Silva. I'm so grateful I own this art piece, not only because it is beautifully made but
because is the only reminder I have of Oscar. He passed away on March 11 on his sleep, he was 53.
The fiber arts community lost a very talented artist and he will be missed. I will miss running into him at exhibits. We often joked that we always ended up "together" because in various occasions
our art pieces would end up next to each other. To see some of his art please visit Oscar's blog. I'm sure Oscar's partner, Varner, will keep it open for a while.
I'm having a difficult time reconciling with the fact that such a talented person is no longer with us.
Rest in Peace, Oscar.

The best way to describe how we love Oscar's creative spirit is with these words  by Wayne Alan Brenner of the Austin Chronicle.

'Organic: Basic Inspirations' Studio2Gallery

"We are bound to art by our very consciousness. Pattern recognition draws us toward order, toward the ordered forms of this world (or toward those forms that are intentional repudiations of order), and we are helplessly in thrall. Our perceptions: woven into the tapestry of what we perceive, warp and woof and sense of wonder.
Oscar Silva, featured artist in Studio2Gallery's "Organic: Basic Inspirations" show, is no stranger to weaving. This is the man who spends hour upon countless hour tying together fiber and lengths of handmade paper, wire, and weeds in service to his muse. This is Silva, who layers wafers of wood into delicate architectures of meaning, who binds beauty in braids of raffia, horsehair, and jute..."