Friday, December 7, 2007

Already December?

The little quilt above the table (30X30in.) is a batik that my niece made for me a few years ago. I framed it with a commercial batik and hand quilted it. The dove on it is a ceramic one that I just pinned on it. It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations and every year it has a special place in my home.

I have been kind of busy with work and all and the Christmas season always sneaks up on me. I finished decorating the house this past weekend and now I can relax. The above photo is from years past,I haven't taken any photos this year yet. Every year I try to do things different from the previous years. I really don't have much of a plan, like everything else (meals, trips, quilts, etc.) things just happen.
I have been machine quilting a lot, I could use a break, like maybe going to Bermuda or St Thomas or an exotic island in the Pacific, but we know it is not going to happen and just for the mere reason that for Christmas I like being home. Growing up we always spent Christmas with relatives in towns away from my own home and not until recently I realized how much I disliked it. So now, unless it is going to California to visit my husband's sons, which guaranties a fun time, I will be home for Christmas.

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