Friday, May 9, 2008

Change is good...have I said this before?

When I started quilting some 16 years ago the fabrics I selected for my quilts were muted colors,like browns and beige and olive green and more beige. What made me change was enrolling in a class to learn how to applique. The quilt was going to be for my daughter who at the time wasn't even walking, and I'm embarrassed to say that the quilt has not been finished. Although the quilt in question has been used as a sample for a couple of classes for some reason remains unfinished. My daughter just turned 15 and I'm hoping to finish it this summer.
But this is not the point of my story, the point is that this quilt forced me to pick colors that at the time where just out of my comfort zone, I didn't want a somber quilt for my child, I wanted something vibrant, bright colors, happy colors. But I didn't know how to select those fabrics, I was afraid of choosing the wrong colors. I needed a starting point so I decided to select fabrics using a painting my sister Julia did as a gift for my daughter. So, armed with my painting, I went to the quilting store to buy the fabrics and I probably spent like a whole morning deciding on the palette. By the time I walked out of that store I was hooked on bright and happy colors and I haven't regretted it. Which takes me to my next post, which is a story for later.

Painting (c) 1994 by Julia Murillo...

Quilt in progress by Martha Tsihlas....

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