Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bloggers Block

I don't know what it is that is keeping me from the keyboard. Perhaps it has to do with being busy with deadlines, or Ms PT going back to school and everything that implies. Or maybe not taking any road trips to gallery's or fiber artist shows. I didn't make the last field trip with my art quilts group.
Honestly, I don't know, the days just seemed to go by and I remained away from blog writing. Until today.
Blogging is like exercise, the more you do it the more addictive you become to it. And if you don't blog often, just like exercise, everyday you feel bad about not doing it, and it nags you and is always in your mind, that little voice telling you- do it now, do it now, and you try to push the thoughts of doing it away from your head but it doesn't necessarily works. The best solution is.....Just do it.
But enough of ramblings. As I'm writing this I'm trying to think of a photo to go with this entry and since this week I'm going to Wimberly, Tx for a couple of days I'm posting a couple of photos husband took last year when we visited.
NOTE: I have tried unsuccessfully to post my photos. The site must be overloaded. I will try later. Promise....

Finally....ART can be seen everywhere

Cypress Creek, Wimberly, TX

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