Friday, August 1, 2008


12.5" x 12.5"

I can't believe I'm done with my crazy quilt square...back like ages ago (or so it seemed) my quilting bee suggested that each member (12 of us) make a square based on the crazy quilt technique to be donated to the AAQG quilt show silent auction taking place this coming September. The squares were due last week and they all looked so beautiful. But mine was not as embellished as the other ones so for the past week, every chance I got, I did some more work on it until I thought it was finished, done, finito, terminado, telioto (that is Greek in case you didn't know)
Creating this square was very liberating and creative. Of course I know I have to work on my decorative stitches and beading but the idea was to have fun and not get all obsessive compulsive about perfection. Life is too short for that kind of thing.

To piece the square I used cotton, silk, and upholstery fabric for the background. The embroidery stitches were done with cotton floss, metallic thread (as in the spider web). I also used different types of beads, some wool felt for the flower stem and ribbons....

I had to include my dog in it... and spiders are a symbol of good luck in crazy quilts, so I was told.

I had a bunch of "worry dolls" so I decided to embellish with them. Bye girls!!

For some reason this photo couldn't be turned, so tilt your head :)


Jen McGahan said...

I love the little worry dolls attached. What a great use for them. They bring the quilt to life!

Monica said...

Beautiful! I wish that i had your wonderful talent to create such beauty.

Martha said...

Thank you Monica....we all have talents.Yours was to create your beautiful site
I like reading about the different books you recommend on your site.