Sunday, August 10, 2008

Small projects

It is hot here in Austin, TX. 99 degrees...enough reason for staying indoors and work on projects. Lately I have been busy working on small things. It is my way of not getting to the big projects that await me in the studio....also, working on something small I get done fast and it gives me a sense of completion because a postcard may take 3 hours to make whereas quilting a big quilt may take me a few days...
I was hoping to finish my second stick doll from the workshop I took with doll maker Jen McGahan, ( couple of weeks ago, but the doll is still unfinished (I'm sculpting the face) so the photo you see above is from the one I finished the same weekend of the workshop, her title is "I'm from Salem".
The tag-bag with the hieroglyphics I just finished a couple of days ago, I used paint, embroidery and quilting thread, different beads and I added an scarab I received as a gift when in Egypt, (scarabs are for good luck in Egyptian culture). If insects freak you out this bag is not for you...personally I'm fascinated by the different types of insects I find in my back long as they don't bite me.
The other photos in the mosaic are from the crazy quilt square I finished a few days ago and the postcard...
The postcard is going to Calif. as a birthday card for someone special who is designing our future home, I don't want to say his name in case he reads this, which I doubt it, although I already gave it away by mention of "designing". So I have been busy creating little things and I even managed to help husband with the gardening in the backyard, I trimmed one of the vines and that was enough for me, I felt like melting because I already told you, it is 99 degrees here in Austin, Texas

Mixed-media postcard

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