Friday, December 5, 2008

Hand Crafted Christmas gifts

The last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of activities, from Thanksgiving dinner, to Guilds and Bunco holiday parties and a long list of projects to be finished before Christmas arrives.
Last night I had my quilting bee over for our annual Christmas Party. I love to host because it forces me to get my house in the Holiday spirit. I didn't set up the tree yet because that can take a couple of days but the rest of the house looked pretty with the lights and the little tree with the ceramic doves and the garland on the fireplace and the classical reindeer on the front lawn greeting guest.
Our Christmas Party went really well, we had good food and good conversations and our gift exchange.
Here is my little stash of the things I received: Notice (except for the background fabric) that all the things I received are color coordinated.

The beaded scissors holder was given to me by Kathy. It is really beautiful, I have done beading and I know how much time it takes to bead so I really appreciate the time and effort she must have put into making my gift. Besides the gift exchange some people bring a gift for each of the 11 members in this bee. Rita made us an embroidered drying cloth (photo at the beginning of the post), Kathy a knitted washcloth, Suzanne made adorable pin cushions from golf tees than can be inserted in your thread spool and Kathy H gave us very fashionable kitty sewing kits.

I always buy Christmas ornaments for the table and at the end of dinner people take them. I have been doing this since I can remember, whenever I entertain around Christmas I buy each guest an ornament to take as a souvenir. I try to buy non-denominational ornaments (like a reindeer or snowman or birds, etc.) since I have an eclectic group of friends.
So last night I had a very good time and I just hope everyone else did and why not? Whenever good food, good conversation and gifts are involved who can complain.

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