Sunday, January 25, 2009

Workshop with Susie Monday

The highlight of this past week was attending Susie Monday's workshop in creativity. I spent Thursday afternoon learning about different ways to spark creativity to create more meaningful art.
Susie shared a few design approaches to being creative by using recycled materials, taking inspiration from historical sources or using a natural object.
It was a fast paced workshop with very little time for "analyzing" choices but I didn't mind because it is the way I work. I usually have an idea of what I want to create but I seldom sketch or have a designed pattern.
We all work in a different way and that is the reason for art being so unique to the individual creating it.
For more information on Susie's workshops in the Texas Hill Country check out her website

For this exercise we had to pick texture, color or shape to create a 4" square. I picked color, my squares are the last two on the first row.

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shellysquilts said...

wow martha! Looks like a class that was alot of fun!