Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Opening night at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery

After much anticipation Friday evening arrived. I drove to Round Top, TX with husband and a friend to attend the opening of the Fiber Art Exhibit at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery.
By the time we arrived in Round Top after a required stop along the way to buy coffee, the Gallery was already full with people munching goodies and drinking wine. We followed their example.
The gallery had been transformed with all the fiber art pieces displayed on the walls. Gerald and Debbie, the owners, did a wonderful job coordinating fiber art with all the beautiful pieces they generally sell in their gallery. The place looked awesome!!
I visited with friends from the Austin Fiber Artists group while husband took care of the photos. I also met some of the other fiber artists from Houston, San Antonio and the surrounding areas. I was having such I good time that before I knew it it was time to head back home. On the way back we made another stop at the place with the big yellow arches for a java latte. No fancy coffee places on this stretch of Highway 290. The coffee kept us alert for the drive home. Needless to say that with all the excitement and caffeine I had that day I had a hard time falling asleep that night.
I hope you enjoy the photos and please visit the Copper Shade Tree Gallery to view the fiber art created by 18 artists from Texas.

Gallery owners Gerald and Debbie and Gerald's sister Kay Tobola

Fiber artists Barb Forrister, Martha and Carol Ikard, Executive director of the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts

Fiber artists Barb Sandberg, Martha and Doll Maker and fiber artist Jen McGahan

Carianne Shulte, jewelry maker, and Moi!

Fabulous Fiber artist Susan King and me again!! (It is my blog after all :)

3 of my pieces at the gallery

The photographer coordinates with the art


Barb Forrister said...


Thanks for sharing the photos. It was a fantastic show. Good seeing you again, my friend. Congratulations on selling two of your pieces. Pajaritos was my favorite!

Ruthie Powers said...

You really created some great pieces. Thanks for the description and the photos. I will be going to the gallery in two weeks. See you Wednesday.