Saturday, April 18, 2009

Buttons and more buttons!

This past Thursday I went downtown Austin to the d berman gallery for the opening of an exhibit by artist Lauren Levy.
Lauren uses buttons to create her pieces which are quite large, she had a couple on the floor that were probably 2 ft wide by 12ft long. I had seen her work previously and she was using wire to make her sculptures but her new work is on fabric. I was pleasantly surprised that the background or foundation used to attach the buttons look like quilts, some of them hand quilted with big running stitches with what it seemed like embroidery floss. And of course all those buttons sewn by hand. After seeing all the buttons (I tried to count them :) on her art it made my three or four jars of inherited buttons seem puny.
If you get a chance visit the gallery to see her work....the show runs from April 16 to May 30, 2009.


TextileTraveler said...

Thanks for posting that. I'll have to make it by there to see those in person.

Anonymous said...

Belinda and I saw this exhibit on Wednesday and it was lovely. We wished we had the disposable income to buy a few pieces each. Thanks for posting this.