Sunday, November 6, 2011

Houston-International Quilt Festival 2011

I'm having a difficult time starting this post. I just came back from International Quilt Festival happy and exhausted. Happy because for a few days I totally immersed myself in the "quilt culture" and saw some amazing works of art created by quilters and fiber artists. Happy because I was invited to attend the  reception to honor the quilters who are in  the book Lone Stars III, A legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986-2011 written by Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, happy because  "Big on Texas" and "Texas DNA" are included in the book and happy because "Big on Texas" hung in the special exhibit "Texas Quilts Today" at the show, and "Texas DNA" is at the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, TX. Happy for seeing old friends, making new ones and enjoying a great show.
At the exhibit in front of my quilt. I was on cloud nine!

Cucumber martini

Karey Bresenhan, founder and president of Quilts, Inc. and co-author of Lone Stars III, A legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986-2011

Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert,  me and Barb Forrister,  from Austin , all with art quilts in the book

Signing my page in someones book.  First time autographing !!

Sculpture in front of the convention center in downtown Houston

At the Quilts, Inc. waiting to get my button from the special exhibit

With Mary Ann Littlejohn (SAQA Coordinator ) at the book reception. Mary Ann also has a quilt in the book.

Street view from inside the convention center

Village made by group of fiber artists led by Kathy York

I was able to visit with Maria Jose, a long time friend that comes to Festival every year. She lives in Spain

 My biggest fan (husband)  in front of my quilt


View of the "Texas Quilts Today" special exhibit  from the escalator

With my new friend Lucy who visited the show from Mexico
I told you all the reasons for being happy and the ones for being exhausted are: too much sensory stimulation, too much coffee, too much talking, too much walking, too little sleep and too little food. But at the end, all worth it, wanting to do it all over again.

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