Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dougherty Arts Center, AFA "FIBER ON THE EDGE" Exhibit 2013

Austin Fiber Artists 2013 "Fiber on the Edge" exhibit at the Dougherty Arts Center. Julia C.  Butridge Gallery

"Chaos Within" by Martha Tsihlas and Paloma Tsihlas

Inside of "Chaos Within" before completion
"Ethiopian Madonna" by Anne Beaversdorf

"New York City Easter Parade" by  Victoria Simmons

"Never Enough" by Dee Merrell

"Planned Parenthood" by Marge Carson

"Wall of Roses" by Doerte Weber

"Idolatry" by James Edward Talbot

"The Giving Tree" by Barb Forrister

"Sparkles" by Janis Hooker

"Reflection on the Sea of Tranquility" by Jayne Gorup

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