Monday, November 25, 2013

Fiber, Metal and Paint- EAST 2013

What a couple of weekends! The firs weekend of EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) the temperatures roared to the 90's, We were melting.!!  The second weekend just the opposite, temperatures dropped 50 degrees, which compounded with the rain and wind didn't make for pleasant weather. The last time I remember being this cold  was when I lived in Michigan. C'mon people, this is Austin!! we don't freeze here so I had to dig in a closet to find my winter gear, leftover from my years up North. Despite the crazy cold, throbs of people came by the  ARTPOST to visit with the artists, which I'm super grateful for it. It made the days more bearable.  Thank you friends and family for stopping by!! See you next year at EAST.   XO

My wall at EAST. "URBAN DREAMS" on the upper left hand side found a new home!

Close up of "MYKONOS" by Martha Tsihlas. Still available.

"MACHU PICCHU"  17" x 61.5"on the left. It found a new home the first weekend.  "CROSSCUT" 56" x 56" on the right.
is still available. 

Close up of "MACHU PICCHU"

"CAIRO",  found a new home the second weekend of EAST.

"FRANCES AND I" found also a new home.

Metal Tree by Foster Talgae. It found a new home the second weekend of EAST Studio Tours. I wanted to take it home myself. He makes hard materials like metal and steel, etc. look so organic. For more information contact Foster at:

This painting, which I LOVE, now hangs on a wall in my house.  Paul Meyer does textural and sculptural paintings. To see more of his work go to:

Self-portrait by George Silas (Acrylic on canvas)

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