Monday, January 20, 2014

Cathedral Windows- UPDATE


I will be teaching a second class at the Expo. Just scroll down to see the class sample!

I'm very excited because my trip to Mexico City is just around the corner. In March I will be teaching a class at the  6th.  Expo Patchwork & Quilt Mexico 2014.

 I chose this class because I really like the technique to make Cathedral Windows, it kind of reminds me of Origami. The other thing is that you can make it as small or as big as you want, not a lot of fabric is needed and scraps can be used for the "windows". It can
look traditional or modern depending on the fabrics chosen. Also, it can be done by hand or by machine. I prefer to do the first phase by machine and the second phase by hand.

This is a great take along project. The other day I went to a meeting and  I had already heard the speaker at another meeting. I worked on piecing some of it while he gave his presentation on how to dye with natural dyes.

For the square below, I used hand dyed cotton for the background and an Alexander Henry Mexican themed for the windows. The sampler for the class is 12" square but I'm working on 3 other squares to complete a 24" square when I'm done. One  12" square would make a beautiful pillow, 4  12" squares
would make a wall hanger and if you keep adding you just might end up with a full size quilt!!

Finished Cathedral Windows (12" sq)

I will continue adding but for my class I'm using the 12" square

TAL-   Triangles, Applique and Linen.  12" sq. for class

For the TAL class I will be teaching how to make HST (half square triangles) using paper foundation. There is infinite ways of arranging the units to create a pattern. This is just one of many. We will also explore the use of linen for piecing and applique, which I loooove!  

A little Picasa and voila:
Believe me, I tried to rotate the squares to make it look more random but I just could not make them align so I just gave up.


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deanna7trees said...

love the cathedral window pattern. i have a couple of pillows made that way about 20 years ago and still working on a family tree with pictures of family members in the windows. it will be a great class.