Monday, August 13, 2007

Nothing, really.....

Summer, summer. I can't wait for school to start so I make better use of my time. I don't mind having unstructured days, we all need those, but sometimes I don't get things done. I have been dying to do some painting, I'm not a painter but every now and then I like to play with paint and brushes. We have all the supplies (this house is a miniature Hobby Lobby). But, I have other priorities. Like going to Lake Travis. We went boating Thurs. afternoon, which was a little crazy because it was like 96 degrees. There were not that many boaters @ the lake which was nice. We saw a couple of cool looking boats, I shoot some pics but my camera didn't capture the scene. I think I'm going to start borrowing S camera, just don't let him know. The photo above is of a very old sailboat that sits at the marina where we keep our boat. It belongs to the owner of Cypress Creek Marina.
Right now I'm almost finished quilting a client's quilt. It should have been finished last night but S and I decided to go to McDonald's and get a movie from that wonderful Redbox full of DVDs. I h a t e going to the video store, it is one of those things, so when I discovered the Redbox at McDonalds and realized how easy it is to get a DVD for a mere $1.00 + tax(although selection is limited) I was thrilled. A simple thing that makes my life better. I'm easy.....
Last night we watched Pan's Labyrinth, a very interesting movie, half reality, half fairy tale. I highly recommend it but don't e-mail me if you don't like it. I had a very restless night due to watching the movie, I think. You have to understand, I have a very impressionable mind. So because we watched the movie I didn't finish quilting but that's OK because I'm actually ahead of schedule.......which makes me wonder that maybe I'm really getting things done and I don't realize it.

I'm also working on the quilt I'm entering at the CTQG show in October. It is the 3rd one and probably the last one in a series that began 5 years or so ago. I will post photos much later on.
Enough of a break, back to work.
Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while working. (Henri Matisse)

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