Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sun Prints with tissue paper

I pulled out an old issue (Summer 2006) of Quilting Arts Magazine and decided to experiment working with tissue paper and paint on fabric, a technique used by fiber artist Karen Eckmeier. I had to wait a couple of days because to do this you need a very sunny day and it had been raining in Austin. So finally a bright sunny day.....
I covered the deck with an old vinyl tablecloth and placed the white (prewashed) fabric on top. Of course my dog thought this was the ideal spot to take a nap.....since this project required acrylic paints he had to be taken inside the house, he looks better all white....

I had the tissue paper ready, ripped into long, irregular pieces, from 1" to 2" wide.
I used acrylic paints I had available, Karen tells you to use Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Paint, you can get them at Next, I painted the fabric with no pattern in particular, just random lines up and down the fabric, for this piece I used yellow, orange, red and pink color. Then before the paint dried, I place the paper strips on top of the paint and sprayed them with water, below is what it looked like. I let the project outside to dry, for about 2 hours and then I peeled the paper off, some of it remained in the fabric, some came off. I was surprised that the fabric after I ironed on the wrong side to heat set the colors became soft to the touch. Now it is ready to be incorporated into an art quilt.

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Jill Smith said...

Thanks for putting the technique on your blog, would love to try it but in the UK its rained the most ever in last three months but l think i might try it with an iron or heat gun, maybe the iron would be best.
I like the bleedin tissue technique as well and its so easy. I have a few workshops on my blog if you want to look, you need to scroll down as haven't found out how to put them in sections yet,