Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marathon, Texas

About Eve’s Garden

"Eve’s Garden is an organic Bed and Breakfast and Ecology Resource Center, located in the beautiful high mountain desert of West Texas, at the gateway to Big Bend National Park, in Marathon, Texas. Eve’s Garden is a research level organic gardening demonstration site and an urban hacienda, combining to provide a comfortable Bed and Breakfast environment and a conversational forum to address issues regarding the ecology we live in.
Every effort has been made to combine elements of “art”, “architecture”, and “ecology” in the layout and construction of this unusually progressive piece of work. A large amount of recycled content, strawbale buildings, paper adobe/fiber cement buildings, high Mexican contemporary color treatments, and a focus on locally produced food, conspire to create an aura of thoughtfulness."

A while back I found the above information on line and I realized that this place was not very far from the route we usually take to go to Chihuahua, Mexico. So on our last trip, on the way back to Austin, we decided to take a short detour and go and see Eve's Garden.
The place looks sooo much nicer than the actual photos. It seems from what we saw that they are still adding rooms to the B&B. I wish we hade taken the time to go inside but we wanted to arrive home in daylight. I have this fear of driving in the dark through Fredericksburg and Jhonson City, Tx. because of the deer population in the surrounding areas. Of course it did get dark before we arrived home, so we could have had, after all, seen the inside of Eve's garden. Well, maybe next time.

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