Sunday, February 3, 2008

Color and more color

Nothing endures but change.

I was in the process of cleaning the photo files when I found these. I remember I took the photos when I went to the San Antonio Quilt Show last year. It was a very colorful show, I have never seen so many bright colors under one roof. I think in many ways I'm still used to quilt shows on the East coast where there seems, for the most part, to be an absence of color. I used to be like that, my palette used to consist of earthy tones, browns and beiges and muted colors. I have quilts to prove it....Then I changed. Change is good.
I would like to go to a quilt show in Pennsylvania or maybe Chicago to see what they are like now. I haven't been to the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza like in 5 years. The big shows attract quilts from all over United States, maybe a smaller show, like Lancaster or Montgomery, Pa has a better representation of the local quilts. Well, I hope you enjoy the quilts. Please tilt your head a little to see the one I forgot to turn :).

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