Sunday, November 2, 2008


I just returned from Houston Quilt Festival. What a feast for the eyes! I have sensory overload after being at the show for 3 days. The Houston International Quilt Festival takes place every year from Wednesday to Sunday in Houston, Texas at the Convention Center. This info is for those who are not in the quilting world or, if you are a quilter who doesn't know about the show just in case you have been living in another planet with no means of communication. If you would like to know more about the show go to
The last time the organizers counted 50,000 people attended the show. I saw name tags with people from Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Germany, Italy and all over United States.
Well, the quilt exhibits were just magnificent, and with quilts for every taste: antique, contemporary, abstract, pictorial, whimsical, political, you name it. One of my favorite exhibits is the Studio Art Quilt Associates or SAQA.
In addition to the quilt exhibits there is a myriad of classes to take. Classes that teach fabric dyeing, mixed media, long arm quilting, drafting, beading, knitting and many other techniques that can or can not be incorporated into quilts.
I had a blast taking classes, one with Katie Kendrick and another one with Robi Ecklow. I was also able to get into a couple of workshops at Make it University. I met Judy Coates Perez whom I admire very much and I was able to buy one of her Christmas ornaments. I did her felted ornaments one hour workshop as well.
My modus operandi at the show is to see the quilts exhibit for a couple of hours and once my eyes and brain can't take it any longer I go to the vendors hall and visaversa. In the late afternoon, just when my brain can't take any more talking, seeing and hearing I go to the terrace on the 2ND. floor of the convention center with a Starbucks coffee in hand and just sit there taking in the view. It is very pretty and relaxing and it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the exhibit halls. Alternating between the exhibit and the vendors is what works for me.

I took tons of photos, unfortunately I don't have names or makers of the quilts , I should have just taken a photo of the signage but didn't think about it. It is really weird that when I'm at the show my brain goes on a different mode and thinks just don't work the same way as when I'm at home. I guess all that visual stimulation does something to your brain. Everyday I had to make a list of the things I wanted to do and things I needed or wanted to buy. With over 1000 vendors and limited time I wanted to make sure I visited and bought things to help me in my quilting business. I bought a very cool working station for my long arm that makes circles and ovals and stars and hearts and then you create other quilting designs within the shapes. Hard to explain but you will see it although not for another 6 weeks. It has to be delivered and in order to avoid shipping charges because it is BIG I have to wait for Linda's Electric to have a delivery here in Austin. I'm dying to start working with it but I must have patience my friend.
Needless to say I had an incredible time at the show, I can't wait until next year when it starts all over again. In the meantime it is back to work and time to use the invigorating energy that the show always gives me

Vendors Hall, taken from the 2nd floor

Some of the quilts in the show. To enlarge click on it. Enjoy!!

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