Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You deserve 5 seconds of relaxation

I'm ready to start working on my pieces for the Copper Tree Shade Gallery but I would like to tell you a short story related to this entry title.
Back in the 90's I used to exercise in front of the TV watching Gilad. Gilad had an exercise show called Bodies in Motion on ESPN. While doing the excersice repetitions if the intensity was too much he used to say: Now rest, you deserve 5 seconds of relaxation. So every now and then when I start getting too stressed about deadlines I have to remind myself that I deserve 5 seconds of relaxation.
Back to the Copper Shade Tree Gallery exhibit. I'm thrilled to have been selected to exhibit at this wonderful gallery located in Round Top, Texas. The exhibit will take place in early February and it is called "It's Not a Quilt...Or Is It?. - The February 2009 fiber art show, is a juried show that will focus on the popular art quilt. There will be nearly one hundred art quilts on display for purchase, created by 18 artists from across the state and I'm one of them. I committed to making 5 pieces so the pressure is on but....I deserve 5 seconds of relaxation.

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