Friday, March 13, 2009


It took a while but these 2 last pieces are actually done. It has been raining here in Central Texas and I think the cloudy days = dark studio threw me off schedule. I had a hard time dragging my feet over to the studio. I never have this kind of trouble so I can only blame it on the overcast days we have been having. I'm not in anyway complaining since rain in this area is a commodity and very much appreciated. Maybe we will get to see some wildflowers. The other day, before it started raining, I went bike riding in a local park and I actually spotted a few blue bonnets.
After I finished "Under the Texas Sun" and "Sands of Time" I made a small piece called "Flowering Trees", it is small, 9"x 9". I was not sure if I was going to be able to quilt in such a small space, 3" x 3" but I managed to do it, being careful not to mess up the hand stitching around the leaves. The quilting made the little trees pop-up very nicely. I'm off to Round Top tomorrow morning and to the Dallas Quilt Show on Sunday. This weekend is a busy one here in Austin, the SXSW Film Festival starts today and the Rodeo tomorrow...whatever you do have fun...until then.....

"Sands of Time" 23" x 21" Pieced, machine quilted, batiks, hand dyes, silks, cottons

"Under the Texas Sun" 24" x 24" Pieced, machine quilted, hand stitched, raw edge applique, commercial batiks and hand dyed cottons and silks

Close up of above (the colors above are more accurate)

"Flowering Trees" 9"x9" Hand painted, raw edge applique, machine quilted, batiks

Close up...kind of...

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