Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you are afraid of color.... don't look. Too late ;)

I have been working on a commission for the last few days. I made another quilt like this 4 years ago for the Austin Area Quilt Show and there is a photo in my web page. Well, I never thought I would make another one until Becky commissioned me to use this pattern for her art piece. The quilt is made with cottons, batiks and beautiful blue and red fabrics bought in China especially for this project.
It took me a while to piece the center of the quilt (the pinwheels) due to the color sequence. The tranquility sign was fused and machine appliqued before being attached to that row.

I have the borders ready, in blue, red and black and also the cornerstones with the Chinese zodiac characters. The cornerstones were also fused and appliqued as the tranquility sign. I will post later when the piece is completed and quilted.
As much as I like to do what I'm doing it gets to a point where I'm looking forward to finishing the piecing so I can mount it on the long arm machine and start doing my favourite part which is QUILTING!!
It could have been finished by now, and I mean the pieced part, but yesterday I unplugged my machines due to the hail storm we had here in the Austin area.
I had just gotten home from picking up my dog from the vet when the sky got very dark. Before we knew it ping pong ball size hail came down with such a force it broke our spot lights on the back deck. I have big windows and the noise was terrible. I'm not fond of storms, fortunately it was over in a few minutes. The cleaning up though, will take longer since so much debris came down from all the trees around the house.


Anonymous said...

You've done a wonderful job blending the chinese fabrics with the rest of the batiks. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

shellysquilts said...

Martha, It looks FABULOUS! I love it! Well done!

Sandi said...

I love your quilts and your English is just fine. I admire your courage. I did a commished quilt once before and afterwards decided it was not the path I wanted to follow. I also enjoy the bloging process as well. I look forward to following your work. Beautiful!