Saturday, April 10, 2010

Margarita and blog header

It is one of those things that go unnoticeable by most people but not by me. Every now and then I like to change my blog header and this morning I decided to do it. It has been very frustrating. I did exactly what I have done in the past to no avail. I checked the help center, no success. I played with all the programs I have to reduce my photo and not distort it, failure. So at this point I'm very frustrated and I'm leaving the header without a photo. Just a title. Here are one of the photos I was trying to use for a header/banner, I had turned it horizontally for the header so it would look good (personal opinion, of course)

"Margarita" 8" x 24".

Since I was able to upload the photo to this post I might as well talk about it. Maybe after all my time was not wasted.
For the background I did a weaving using strips of batiks fused to batting. The flower came from an old dress that I found at the free table at my AFA meeting. I wonder if someone would recognize it, LOL! The flower, stem and leaves were then fused and machine stitched to the woven piece. I didn't put a binding, I just folded
the edges to the back of the piece.

PS: A few days later I figured out how to make the photo fix the blog header....yay!!


Lana's Threads and Musings said...

Hi Martha, I have had the same problem with changing my header. I tried to fit a picture into the rectangle but it came out distorted so finally just loaded a photo and it came out okay except the whole photo didn't show and it was a square block. Decided to leave it that way. I am frustrated too. By the way, the sunflower piece is lovely. I enjoy doing fabric weaving. I recently ordered a book, Simply Stunning Woven Quilts by Anna Faustino so look forward to trying some of her techniques. I enjoy following your blog.

shellysquilts said...

Martha, Fabulous as always! I love your work! Good luck with your header! Happy sewing!

Ronda said...

I LOVE THIS QUILT!!! I bought the book Simply Stunning Woven Quilts too, but I have not attempted it yet. I need to be braver and better Disciplined!!! NO MORE HOUSEWORK!!!