Friday, June 4, 2010

Baton Rouge, LA

I spent 4 fantastic days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana taking a workshop with Ann Johnston. The workshop was organized by the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, which by the way, are a fantastic group of fiber artists and quilters. I had been in that part of the country like eons ago so it was nice to visit again and also to have the opportunity of taking this workshop and learn so many techniques for dyeing and printing on fabric.
I want to put to good  use what I learned, as soon as possible, but I will have to be patient since I have to wait for my bolts of fabric to arrive. Yes my friends,  I have been bitten by the dyeing bug. This is uncharted territory but there is so much information out there that one can spend hours just browsing through tons of dyeing tutorials.
During the workshop I bought Ann's book "Color by Design". It is a fabulous book, very easy to understand. She gives you tons of exercises to practice different techniques. I'm so happy this book is now part of my
The painting above was taking at a restaurant called "Boutins". I had delicious craw fish two nights in a row and my husband had paneed alligator. Yes, we like to live dangerously!!
Au revoir!!


Ronda said...

Cool... I loan you my Ann Johnston book and you run off to Louisiana to take her class...can't wait to see all the stuff you learned!!!

Martha-Del Sol Quilts said...

Ha, ha. It was serendipity at work.Just the way thing happen in my life. Now I also have her book, 2nd. edition, autographed!! LOL!