Friday, June 11, 2010

Gigi's art quilt

I recently finished this  art  quilt  but I didn't want to post about it until its rightful owner received it. A friend of mine, Gigi, Adriana Mederos, is a fantastic artist who lives in Massachusetts. She sent me one of her paintings, a tiny one, 6x6 inches, for me to recreate in fabric. Making a piece of this kind is a lot of fun and for the most part relaxing. I don't have to think about the design because Gigi already took care of that.

Art quilt 22"x22" Cottons, hand dyed fabrics, dupioni silks

The process goes like this:

1.Take the original to a copy center so it can be enlarged to the required size . In this case 22" x 22" The original can be a photo, drawing or like in this case, a painting.
2. Trace the elements on Wonder Under or fusible of choice. Remember that the tracing will be reversed.
3. Fuse the wonder under to the fabrics you are going to be using and cut out.
4. Using your copy trace the original design onto the fabric for the background. This will help place the pieces with the fusible.
5. Once the arrangement looks good iron on. Secure with your stitch of choice. Since this is a wall hanging, I just used a straight stitch around each branch and circles, matching threads.
6. I used textile paints to paint the white and copper lines.
7. I quilt on a long arm machine. I set up the finished art quilt and quilted the background first and then I
quilted the organic tree like shape with black thread. The circles were quilted last
9. I bound the art quilt with a traditional binding, single layer as to not to add bulk.
10. I put a sleeve for hanging and label on the back .

The End.

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Anonymous said...

So nice, Martha. You know I love your work, but I remember seeing Gigi's work at the last Comadrazo and her work is gorgeous too.