Thursday, November 25, 2010


As I'm waiting for the turkey to be done I thought I would write a few lines. Life has been kind of hectic so I'm truly enjoying today, concentrating in getting all the dishes for Thanksgiving dinner ready. I invited a few close friends to come and celebrate Thanksgiving with me and my family. I'm also celebrating the fact that Tuesday was my birthday.
I feel especially peaceful today, perhaps it is the change of pace, going from quilting in the studio to cooking in the kitchen, a different activity but with the same intentions, creating something pleasing.
I'm so thankful because I'm in good health and I have a wonderful husband and daughter and thankful that my life is good and so complete. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate today.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Martha and happy Thanksgiving. Amen for all your (and my) blessings. Hope to see you soon.

Martha Tsihlas said...

Gracias Diana!