Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flowers- Uncharted territory

Last week I went to the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild meeting. This organization meets the first Tuesday of the month and I don't make every meeting, many times it depends on my workload. Since on this particular day I had some free time I decided to make an appearance. This is the first guild I joined as soon as I moved to Austin, I know a lot of people there so I enjoy visiting and I was curious about the speaker at this meeting, Lenore Crawford.  She spoke about her journey as a quilter, a few slides, thankfully, since slide presentations sometimes put me to sleep, and then she showed her work. Don't ask me why but before her presentation was over I had signed up for her workshop the following day.

At the beginning of the year I made the decision not to take workshops during 2012, well, that didn't last long. I signed up for Lenore's workshop.  I came home, started gathering my supplies and Wednesday morning I left my home promptly at 8:30 am. to go to the workshop.
I think this is one of the few times in my life as a quilter that I have done someone else's pattern. For this class I could have brought my own photo to make my pattern but since I didn't have much time to prepare I decided to purchase Lenore's pattern.  Doing realistic flowers is not my thing,  kind of uncharted territory, but I like cone flowers and that's way I decided on the pattern.

The process to make this flower is kind of slow but I actually welcomed it, kind of meditative. By the time the workshop was over I had just done the tip of the flower. I came home and I figured the quilt waiting to be quilted could just, well, wait! and I continued working on my flower as much as life allowed me.

Uncharted territory no more!








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