Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilts and fiber art.

This week was filled with quilts and fiber art.

On Monday nite I attended the Austin Area Quilting Guild meeting, the speaker was Annie Smith and her beautiful applique quilts. Then, on Tuesday morning, I drove to Georgetown to attend the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild. One of the reasons for me attending the meeting was to hear the speaker, because that same day, in the evening, I was going to speak and have a trunk show at the Happy Hearts Quilt Guild in Giddings, Texas. By listening to other speakers I learn a little, since I don't have much
experience in the field of public speaker.  When I arrived at the meeting I sat down next to this woman, who I thought, was just another member of the guild. I did notice that people were coming over to say hello and talk to her, but, hey, this is Texas and people are friendly here! A little later, before her presentation, I realized that I was sitting next to someone famous!
Little did I know that the surprise speaker at CTQG was Liz Porter, of the quilting pioneer duo Fons and Porter.
Well, her presentation was so good, lots of beautiful traditional quilts and she is smart and funny. She now lives in Austin and loves it here.
I enjoyed her presentation but listening to her speak just made me feel a little more insecure about my speaking abilities. By the end of her trunk show I did mention to her that I was going to speak at a small guild that evening and how nervous I was. She told me just to be myself ! And that's what I did that evening! I was myself and I talked about my journey as a quilter. I just hope people enjoyed my presentation as much as I enjoyed Liz Porter's!

Some close ups of Liz Porter's quilts

 Then fiber art:

Wednesday evening I headed to South-East Austin to see an Austin Fiber Artists Exibit called Fast Forward. The  beautiful venue is Tokyo Electron and this is the second time that we have been invited
to show our work, although this time I didn't have a piece in the exhibit. I was still on my sabbatical when
submissions were requiered.  Anyways, I had a good time visiting with AFA members and seeing beauful
fiber art pieces.  Here are a few:

Maya by Georgia Zwartjes

Grid Diminished by Mary Macauly

Seraglio by Oscar Silva

Asian Autumn by Georgia Zwartjes

Which layer do you want to understand? by Ruthie Powers

On Thursday, my husband and I headed to Round Top to visit Copper Shade Tree Gallery.

The Art in Fiber 2013 exhibit is called "A View From My Window". For details please click on the link above. Unfortunately I don't have pictures, I took a ton of pictures all week and I forgot to charge my battery so by Thursday it was depleted. I hope you can visit the Tokyo Electron and the Copper Shade Tree exhibit, it may just be what you need to kick off your creativity.
Au revoir! Have a wonderful weekend!

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