Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fiber postcards

Making a postcard (aprox. 4" x 6") is a very fast way of doing something creative and feel that you have accomplished something. The Austin Fiber Artist group had a play date last Saturday, perfect for such a rainy day. One of our members gave us a session on how to make the postcards. I didn't complete mine until I came home and used my sewing machine for some of the stitching.

This postcard has fabric cutouts (the nopal-cactus and the moon) The sticker at the bottom of the page is actually paper, I added some beads on the moon, cactus and sky. I did very little in terms of hand stitching on this one. The green grass at the bottom is fused and then I stitched over it just randomly. The binding around the postcard is also fused and stitched. I was in a hurry to finish it to take it to the AFA board meeting last night.

My friend's birthday (Happy Birthday Bety!!)is tomorrow and I wanted her to actually get the postcard on her birthday so I went to the post office on Monday and it was closed because of President's Day Holiday. I had I went back on Tuesday and the place was packed, there were 10 people in line in front of me and like 20 behind. My postcard had to be hand stamped, otherwise the machine really messes them up. Well, after what it seeemed like a long time it was my turn. I asked the clerk to please hand stamp the postcard and very loud she says: WOW!! did you make it? Yes, I did....How did you make it? How long did it take? What materials did you use? I really didn't want to teach a tutorial on postcards right there and then, I could feel the 20 some people behind me getting ready to attack me had I started telling the clerk how to make a postcard. I mumbled something like I will tell you some other time, they are easy to make, etc. and very quickly without making eye contact walked out of the post office.


Lynda said...

You are very clever!

diana.a said...

Hi, I came to your site because I googled loteria fabric and this came up as one of the responses. I'm from california, I have some of the loteria fabric, and I made an apron out of it (I just started sewing). Anyway, I am looking for more of the fabric because i want to make more stuff out of it for friends and such. I really like the postcards. It's late and i might not have read it clearly, but what was the background, was it just card stock? did you use fabric glue or regular glue?
Thank you, Diana A.