Friday, February 15, 2008

Folk Art embroidered piece

This is a hand embroidered piece I bought from a Mexican lady called Maria. I met her at the MACC "Hecho A Mano" day and I couldn't resist getting it. She had so many beautiful pieces, most of them on a black background which I though made the bright colors look even nicer. She was working on a piece right there by her booth and got a chance to see the process. Pretty much she draws the idea on the background fabric, using tailors chalk and then she starts embroidering and covering the piece with tiny stitches. She said it may take several days to complete the piece. The themes were varied, one was a wedding scene, another one life in the kitchen, mine was called "El Campo" which means "on the field" Every piece had so much detail that you could spend a long time looking at it and see so many different things. Maria is a wonderful folk artist, creating the lovely scenes pretty much from memory.

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

This is incredible. I love it. There are definitely similarities with the embroidery I bought in Egypt done by the women of Moqattam. Women baking bread, items loaded on a beast of burden, the fish. wonderful. I love how this one has cactus in it. you can see pictures of one of my embroideries here: