Friday, February 29, 2008

Keep Austin Weird

This past Sunday I went again to the MACC "Hecho a Mano" day in Austin, Texas. The day was going just as usual, a steady stream of people looking at the different booths. I had several people stop and ask questions about my quilts, I also did some promotion for my classes, nothing extraordinary happening until........ I saw this one couple with a dog on a leash and a goat in a baby stroller. I have seen people walking their cats on a leash, or dogs riding bicycles with their owners. I tried once with my dog when he was little. I will tell you about it later.
Well, I had never seen a goat in a stroller. It really helps Austin to maintain its reputation and slogan of "keep Austin weird"... I just remembered about another picture I took a few weeks ago when I was in town. I'm posting it. I'm telling you, this is not your ordinary city, and that's why I love it.....

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