Sunday, October 7, 2012

Expo Patchwork and Quilt 2012

"The city of Puebla was founded in 1531 in an area called Cuetlaxcoapan, which means "where serpents change their skin". It is located in East-Central Mexico. The fourth Expo Patchwork and Quilt 2012 took place in this magnificent city; its downtown  declared a world heritage site in 1987.

Downtown Puebla- Cathedral 
I went to Puebla  to teach 2 quilting classes and jury the exhibit. I flew into Mexico City from Dallas and took a 3 hour bus ride to Puebla. The Expo was a huge success and I met so many wonderful quilters. Here are some pictures of the quilts participating in the contest "Los Colores de Mexico".
One of the criteria for the contest was to include the color green, white and red, the colors of the Mexican flag.

In most quilt shows there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and honorable mention. In this exhibit I had to select just 1st place from all the entries, something the organizing committee determined before sending out the call for entries. I disagreed with it because it left out many wonderful quilts without any recognition, but I was there to judge, not to manage the exhibit. The quilts were judged based on points using a judging form. The criteria is design, workmanship and general appearance; within those categories there are sub-categories. Judging is not based on "this is the quilt I like". It is based on "this is the best made quilt ". The quilt with the most points wins regardless of my likes or dislikes.  

"Mystical Quilt" by Marinaldo Ferreira
The quilt speaks for itself. Excellent use of color and very close to being pefect.

My favorite quilt was the one below. From the first day I felt very drawn to this quilt but unfortunately it didn't get first prize. The winning quilt, "Mystical Quilt" had the most points, in fact, it was a one point difference between Mystical Quilt and Quetzalcoatl. I understand the disappointment of the maker of "Quetzalcoatl" because it is an outstanding quilt and I have been in their position as a participant in quilt shows.

"Quetzalcoatl" by Sissi Gutierrez
Such an original quilt. The maker(s) did extensive research to create this beautiful quilt. This quilt
could very well hang in a museum  due to its cultural significance.

"La Libertad de Mexico" by Cheryl Riverbank
A minimalist quilt,  sometimes less is more and this quilt accomplished that. Very well done.  The quilted eagle on the background is beautiful.

"Regalos de Mexico al Mundo"  by Martha Maldonado
A whimsical quilt  with a message. The title of this quilt is "Gifts from Mexico to the World"

"Pasion por Mexico" by Lourdes Cruz
Very good use of materials that had been in the quilt make'sr  family. Simple but effective.

"Confluencia de Caminos" by Silvia Reyes
Beautiful sampler,

"Sunset Walk in Mexico" by  Joyce Osbourne
Excellent use of color. Very good workmanship. 

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Thank you so much for the kind remarks about my quilt. I learned quite a bit while designing it. I started quilting 2 years ago when we moved to Monterrey with my husbands job.Thanks again
Cheryl Rivenbark